Case Study

Thermal Control Developer Expansion Proposal


We supported our client seeking potential investors to fund their thermal control technology business expansion by developing an extensive business plan and creating financial forecasts of company operations.


Our client is a thermal control technology developer that produces wireless thermal equipment based on its self-developed technology. There are two versions of the technology: Chiller Solution and Warmer Solution. Both solutions can be applied to a wide range of industries and their product cells are interchangeable, offering a high usage flexibility for users. Our client’s products are currently being used in the hospitality, logistics, and healthcare industries and have been exported to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America.


With a solid foundation in the Hong Kong market and proven business performance in the thermal technology sector, our client sought to attract investors to support its business expansion. The raised capital is planned to be allocated to the three sub-sectors of the company: hospitality, logistics,  healthcare, and other potential product lines.



In this project, we utilized a four-stage approach to explore the thermal technology market landscape, formulate an operation plan to forecast company operations and establish a financial plan to effectively allocate company resources.

Below provides a brief overview of our project approach:

  • Identified and refined the company’s vision and goals to assist in brand positioning
  • Conducted market analysis to generate insights on market trends, customer behavior, and competitor performance in the thermal technology sector
  • Provided comprehensive market research to explore market opportunities and optimize market expansion
  • Analyzed research data to address market gaps and formulate strategies to capture market potentials in applying thermal technology to various industries
  • Established operation plans to identify the resources required to achieve the expansion goals
  • Developed exit strategies to include possible routes that our client can employ to minimize losses
  • Constructed an in-depth financial plan focusing on the projection of sales revenue, marketing expenses, cost of goods sold, and staffing plans


We provided our client with a detailed understanding of the thermal control technology market environment and consumers’ characteristics within the identified region to estimate consumers’ acceptance level towards the business initiative. In addition, we provide in-depth finical planning for client to penetrate the market. We highlighted the key concerns and issues that our client may encounter and may need to consider in order to penetrate the market. Potential preventive actions and solutions have been recommended to assist our client in overcoming possible obstacles.