Case Study

Expansion of Japanese Restaurant Quality Dessert Business


We aided a Japanese restaurant seek financing to support an expansion into the dessert business. We established a fully-comprehensive business plan together with operational strategies to highlight strong insights for our client in executing the project and entering the Hong Kong dessert industry.


Our client is an internationally well-known pastry chef who holds vast experience in making desserts, and has developed his skills in 5-star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants. He was a head pastry chef of an Izakaya Japanese style restaurant, which was one of the four Hong Kong restaurants ranked in the top 100 of S. Pellegrino’s World’s Best Restaurants.


Our client believes that there is not enough emphasis on high-quality desserts in Chinese culture, thus he planned on delivering a memorable dining experience to revolutionize the meaning of desserts in Hong Kong. He sought to establish a ground-breaking patisserie that delivers quality pastries, other baked goods, and desserts. The patisserie will be a branch of the world-class Japanese restaurant, creating a serene café environment coupled with intoxicating smells of sweets and coffee. This allows patrons to relax and enjoy the true meaning of desserts.


In this project, we focused on assessing the feasibility of executing the business expansion of the quality dessert restaurant, and providing potential investors with a comprehensive view of the business operations.

Below provides an overview of our project approach:

  • Conducted market analysis of our client’s products and services and researched their competitive edge in relation to their competitors
  • Determined key success factors in formulating marketing strategies
  • Pinpointed market trends and identified profitable consumer segments through quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Established an operational plan focusing on company structure, staffing plan, resource management, and execution of certain strategies
  • Outlined a financial plan to provide transparency on financial resources, deliverables, and investment returns
  • Provided recommendations on upside potentials and exit strategies to effectively monitor the business operations
  • Assisted the client in seeking for investors to fund the quality dessert expansion


Our professional services allowed our client to gain complete insights of what to anticipate in the market while they execute their business plan. Specifically, with the operational and financial plan that we developed, our client was able to present potential investors with well-thought strategies for the operations of their dessert business.