Case Study

Market Expansion for an Israeli Supplement Manufacturer


We worked alongside an Israeli supplement manufacturer to develop an e-commerce platform and corresponding marketing campaign to enter the Chinese supplement market.


Our client is an Israeli company devoted to biotech natural Phospholipid research, development and production. Offering products with high quality Phospholipid nutrients for stress management and cognitive function support, the company strives to enhance customers’ well-being and improve their quality of life.


Our client wished to expand its sales into China by operating and promoting a cross-border online sales operation from Hong Kong into China. They also sought to execute various marketing and promotional strategies to generate traffic to their website and increase their online sales.


The main objective of this project was to generate significant amount of online sales for our client in the Chinese market.

The project was executed in a two-module approach, with the first stage focusing on the development of an online sales platform and the second stage concerning the execution of various marketing strategies to generate revenue and profit for our client.

Below provides a summary on the project approach and a brief overview on the project scope:

  • Developed unique branding strategies to capture the Chinese market
  • Designed an e-commerce platform that tailors to consumers’ behavioral patterns
  • Performed extensive website testing to ensure exceptional user experience prior to website launch and opimal performance and user interfacing.
  • Conducted in-depth market research to identify Key Opinion Leaders and generate an immense online presence
  • Offered a comprehensive marketing campaign focused on capturing digital channels in the Chinese e-commerce market
  • Established a digital marketing program budget to effectively allocate financial resources
  • Assisted in launching the marketing campaign and fine-tuned the marketing strategies in accordance with the sales performance


As a result of the development of their online platform, our client successful tapped into the Chinese market and sold their nutrient supplements to their established target audience. Our client's market expansion has been fruitful as a result of their adherence to their detailed operational plan. Our client is also tailoring their marketing materials to their expanded market and is experiencing growth in sales.