Case Study

Commercialization of Innovative Storage Business


We guided our client through commercialization by cultivating business strategies and an operational plan that tailored to the needs of their innovative storage business model. A modern e-commerce platform was developed upon establishing comprehensive corporate strategies.


Our client is a storage service provider that would like to explore innovative ways to expand their service scope and to increase their market competitiveness.


Traditional storage service providers require customers to rent room-type areas that might be too spacious for individual consumers. Seeing the market gap, our client sought to provide storage services that allow customers to rent a boxful of space at a cheaper price. With this innovative storage concept, customers would be able to expand their household space without having to compromise by renting excess storage area. The unique business model would handle the problem of overpriced and redundant storage services, as well as provide easy tracking services for customers.


In this project, we provided our client with a comprehensive business plan to understand the overall storage market in Hong Kong, formulated a go-to-market strategy, and established an e-commerce platform to facilitate the execution of the business plan.

Below provides a summary of our project approach:

  • Identified company’s vision and goals to establish a clear direction for brand positioning and image
  • Conducted in-depth market analysis to generate insights on market trends, customer behavior, and competitor performance in the local storage market
  • Segmented various consumers and market sectors to isolate the categories with highest business potentials
  • Established comprehensive go-to-market strategies for exceptional market entry
  • Constructed an actionable operation flow to achieve process optimization
  • Provided concrete recommendations on order management and inventory management
  • Established an e-commerce platform and management system to facilitate the execution of the business initiative
  • Proposed and executed promotional strategies through various digital channels


As a result of our study, our client obtained solid insights on the market landscape in the Hong Kong storage market. After formulating an in-depth operational plan for our client, we have successfully assisted our client in launching a series of marketing campaigns to promote their storage business and the respective online platform. Since then, our client has been experiencing a flourishing business.