Case Study

Business Expansion for International Education Group


We studied and explored the feasibility of expanding our client's international educational services. Through the creation of a structured business plan, we provided everything from brand re-imaging, to market research and pricing strategies while being cognizant of client needs.


Our client is a well-established playgroup that has over 20 years of educational experience in Hong Kong. The playgroup has dedicated itself to providing quality education in a bilingual setting, coupled with the best interest for their students at heart.


In order to compensate for the growing need of quality education in Hong Kong, our client has decided to extend their playgroup services to a kindergarten setting. Given the excellent education received by the students, many parents have expressed deep regrets for not being able to have their children’s education continued at this institute beyond the playgroup level. As such, our client sought to extend their focuses on a number of initiatives.


In this project, we assisted our client in evaluating the feasibility of expanding our client’s service scope to address the gap in the Hong Kong international school education market. The project was executed in five stages, with each stage focusing on the provision of one the following services: service analysis, marketing strategies, operational planning, financial planning and recommendations on the business operations.

Below provides a brief summary of our project approach:

  • Analyze our client’s services and research on their competitive edge
  • Estimate marketability of the service scope to prompt further innovations or variations to the services
  • Understand industry trends to formulate branding and positioning strategies
  • Determine key success factors that would spark the interest of students and parents
  • Develop marketing strategies that would adhere to the deliverance of consistent high-quality bilingual education
  • Establish pricing strategies upon comparing with competitors, industry costs, program materials and our client’s own perceived costs
  • Explore our client’s preferred branch locations to achieve optimal reach of students
  • Develop an effective teaching system with unique features not provided elsewhere
  • Formulate an operational plan with detailed company structure, staffing plan, resource management system and execution of certain strategies
  • Develop a preliminary financial plan to estimate the expenses needed and highlight various costs and returns in expanding the business scope
  • Devise key financial performance indicators to monitor the business progress
  • Provide recommendations on business process improvement, including service remodelling, marketing strategies and reallocation of resources
  • Suggest upside potentials and exit strategies of the business


We identified the market gap in Hong Kong's international school education market, prepared a practical operational plan, and successfully raised fund for our client to strategically expand their new business development.