Case Study

Market Research on Sea Cucumber Demand in Hong Kong and China


We provided insights into the sea cucumber market landscapes in Hong Kong and China for our client to strategize methods of penetrating the Hong Kong and Chinese sea cucumber markets. Armed with thorough market research, our client had an edge when acquiring new customers.


Our client is a consul organization of Portugal for the area of Hong Kong and Macau. They assist in supervising trading activities of Portuguese goods in the Hong Kong and Macau regions.


A species of sea cucumber, Holothuria mammata, was discovered near Algarve, Portugal. Considering that sea cucumbers have traditionally been a popular food choice for Chinese, our client sought to explore business opportunities in Hong Kong, Macau, and China, intending to bring in the sea cucumber species to further penetrate the markets.


We provided extensive market research for our client to understand the Hong Kong and Chinese sea cucumber market landscapes and explore the feasibility of bringing in new sea cucumber species into the region.

Below provides a summary of our project approach:

  • Conducted market analysis and generated insights on market trends, competitor performance, and customer behavior
  • Developed pragmatic segmentation plans to identify target customers
  • Established a go-to-market strategy for our client to understand how to enter the Hong Kong and Chinese markets
  • Provided thorough research regarding the demand and supply of sea cucumbers in the Hong Kong and Chinese markets


We provided our client with a detailed market research of sea cucumber market in Hong Kong and China. We also provided insights highlighting the opportunities that our client may take advantage of.