Case Study

e-Commerce Market Entry for Wireless Data Rental Service Provider


We rendered branding strategies and developed an e-platform to precisely position our client in the online overseas purchasing market. Our strategies were bespoke to our client's desire for superior customer experience and user interfacing.


Our client is one of the largest wireless data rental service providers in Hong Kong. Based in Hong Kong, the company aims to bring low-cost, reliable, and high-speed international data rental services to their customers. With their worldwide offices and a vast retail network in Hong Kong, our client is able to provide high quality and efficient customer service to their subscribers.


Our client developed an innovative business model to incorporate an overseas purchasing business into their e-commerce platform. The business model targets at Japanese retail sellers and Hong Kong buyers, building an online platform that serves as a communication channel between the two parties.


In this project, we assisted our client in penetrating the online retail market. We focused on establishing an effective brand positioning strategy and designing an online overseas purchase platform tailored to the identified market segments, providing exceptional user experience to customers.

Below provides a summary for our project approach:

  • Established branding and positioning strategies to capture the target market segments
  • Segmented the potential customers and identified target audience
  • Discerned the market factors that would enhance consumers’ online purchasing experience
  • Designed a user-friendly digital interface for online purchasing
  • Analyzed consumer insights to map customers with popular Japanese retail sites and drive website traffic
  • Refined front-end and back-end website development based on consumer behavior
  • Launched the overseas purchasing e-platform and monitored the website performances


We have successfully launched an e-commerce platform for our client to run an overseas purchasing business. Upon obtaining research insights from us, our client was empowered to strategically reach out to their target customers, and has been receiving positive feedback from customers regarding the utilization of the online platform. The e-commerce business has been bringing our client flourishing sales revenue.