Case Study

Franchise Proposal for Kid’s Apparel Company


We formulated comprehensive business strategies for our client to seek for franchise opportunity with a prestigious Malaysian children's apparel brand. Throughout the business development, we navigated the complexities of introducing the high-end fashion brand to the Hong Kong kid's apparel market.


Our client sought to establish a franchise store of a well-known Malaysian kid’s apparel brand. The brand is known for the superior standard and finest quality of its products, providing simple, classic, contemporary and ultimate comfort to children who wear its clothes.


Hong Kong is a global apparel sourcing centre, with a rising number of mainland visitors purchasing mid-to-high end apparel. Parents are witnessing increased purchasing power, and are placing a growing emphasis on their children. Our client saw the growing demand of children’s wear as an opportunity to explore the Hong Kong apparel market, bringing in quality children’s apparel into the city. Therefore, our client sought for our assistance in evaluating the feasibility of introducing the high-end franchise brand into the Hong Kong market.


The project was executed in a four-step approach to understand the existing children’s apparel market in Hong Kong, performing a detailed needs assessment of Hong Kong consumers and designing a marketing plan and go-to-market strategy for market penetration.

Below provides a summary of our project approach and an overview of the project scope:

  • Evaluated the potential and distinguishing factors of the brand in relation to the Hong Kong market
  • Sythesized information on market trends, consumer demand and behavior, and other aspects that may influence the market environment
  • Generated consumer and market insights from collected quantitative and qualitative information
  • Compared competitor performance to isolate potential opportunities
  • Determined suitable market segments, optimal market position, and important brand attributes
  • Developed a strategic plan for the selected market based on the identified attributes
  • Outlined various digital marketing channels for brand promotion and exposure
  • Provided recommendations on the operation model – Brick-and-Mortar store vs Online Store
  • Established execution timeline for setting up the operation and market penetration
  • Outlined relevant expenditures, required capital and present potential return on investment for the franchisor


Upon providing our clients with tailor-made business strategies, they obtained comprehensive insights on the market landscape in the Hong Kong kid's apparel market. With our assistance in developing the franchise proposal, our client has successfully obtained the franchise license and is currently in the process of establishing both of their online and offline stores.