Case Study

Digital Advisory for Logistics Company


We researched and advised our client on the scope of IT system applications in the logistics industry. We subsequently formalized a proposal for our client to seek for funding, supplemented by a detailed business plan that illustrated the cost and technologies of the suggested online logistical tracking system.


Being in the logistics industry for over 25 years, our client provides a full range of logistics and transportation services with the emphasis on efficiency and reliability at a competitive rate, and the assurance of great customer care. Our client’s tactical services include import and export freight-forwarding, air, land & sea shipping, custom brokerage and regulatory compliance, project cargo services, warehousing and distribution, supply chain management and information management.


As our client upholds the mission of consistently delivering every shipment with perfection, they developed a tailor-made online tracking system for their operations in Hong Kong and China. With our client’s businesses being worldwide in scope, it became essential to have real-time data in order to provide accurate information for customers. As monitoring tracking requires immediate access to information on shipment progress and location, our client developed their own sophisticated proprietary transportation tracking software and system to obtain ultimate efficiency and accuracy on their services.


In this project, we assisted our client in developing an advanced online tracking system to monitor their logistics process, as well as cultivating a comprehensive business plan to apply for government funding.

Below provides a summary of our project approach:

  • Performed a diagnostic needs-assessment to identify user needs and opportunities for improvement on our client’s existing online tracking system based on the collected data
  • Conducted primary and secondary market research to understand the existing market supply and competitors’ offerings of mobile applications and IT systems in the Hong Kong and China logistics markets
  • Cultivated a detailed operational plan to aid our client in executing their business strategies
  • Provided recommendations for our client on IT systems, websites and mobile apps development
  • Prepared and wrote a proposal for government funding application


With the solid market insights that we provided, our client was able to identify the most suitable IT system that is compatible with their company operations. Furthermore, our client applied our suggestions in the operational plan onto the development of their IT system, and had successfully received government funding on the project.