Case Study

Strategic Advisory for Healthy Restaurant Chain


We aided a health restaurant looking to expand their chain to the Hong Kong market by composing a strategic business plan in tune with the trends of the expanding healthy food market in Hong Kong.


Our client is a healthy food restaurant chain and inquired for strategic advice in launching an establishment in the Hong Kong market. The restaurant promotes healthy fast food, offering salads, sandwiches, freshly squeezed juice, smoothies and soups.


Our client’s unique business model allows consumers to construct their own healthy sandwiches, by simply checking off a list to indicate their food choices. Consumers will be able to purchase and receive their food in the span of a few minutes. This business initiative strives to provide a healthy alternative to less healthy options offered in Hong Kong, providing a guilt-free nutritious meal.


We utilized a four-stage approach to understand the market dynamics and consumer buying behavior in Hong Kong’s fast food industry.

Below provides a summary of our project approach and an overview of the project scope:

  • Identified the company’s vision and goals to assist in brand positioning and establishing a value proposition
  • Evaluated the potential and unique aspects of the brand in relation to the fast food industry
  • Conducted market analysis to generate insights on market trends, competitor performance, and consumer behavior based on compiled quantitative and qualitative information
  • Developed an STP plan focusing on the selected market segment for optimal market penetration
  • Advised on creating a customer loyalty program to acquire and retain return customers
  • Provided recommendations on the execution process and timeline
  • Outlined relevant expenditures, required capital, sales performance, and potential return on investment
  • Presented key success factors and exit strategies for the business initiative