Case Study

Dishwashing Workshop Market Research for Local Charity


We enabled our client to support the disadvantaged by composing market research on the establishment of a dishwashing operation focused on employing the disadvantaged and enhancing their skill sets, financial security, and independence.


Our client is one of the largest charitable organizations in Hong Kong. For over a hundred years, our client has been providing health, education and community services to Hong Kong citizens, fulfilling the needs of the society and providing high quality services at low rates.


Looking into creating a business that allows the disadvantaged to build up their social skills and independence, our client reached out to us to come up with a suitable project. We developed a unique business model for our client that allowed them to become the first social enterprise that hires the disadvantaged to operate a central dishwashing workshop. The business model aims at creating more job opportunities and providing a social skills development platform for the mentally and physically disadvantaged. Simultaneously, our client also sought to provide a reliable, efficient and hygienic tableware cleaning service to their customers.


In this project, we conducted in-depth market research for our client to extensively position itself in the dishwashing service landscape.

Below provides a summary of our project approach:

  • Identified business objectives to assist in brand positioning
  • Provided comprehensive market research to understand market trends, competitor performance and consumer behavior
  • Formulated marketing strategies to highlight the distinguishing factors of the business model and its focus to uphold social responsibilities
  • Established an operation plan to assist in project execution
  • Forecasted the financial resources needed to run the business


Our advisory highlighted the key issues that our client may encounter when executing their dishwashing business. In addition, we provided our client with a detailed business plan that aided the business establishment and empowered them to receive funding from investors on the project.