Case Study

Market Entry Strategy for Non-Profit Coffee Business


We collaborated with our client to help them introduce a unique Taiwanese coffee business model to the Hong Kong market. We engineered a strategic plan consisting of a holistic view of the coffee business market landscape and fundamental catalysts for growth.


Our client is a religious organization that has been serving the community for decades. Apart from establishing over 50 congregations in different areas of Hong Kong, the organization initiated multiple school education programs over the years and has been providing social services to the needy in Hong Kong.


The organization sought to introduce a Taiwanese coffee business to Hong Kong in the form of a social enterprise. The enterprise would hire mentally and physically challenged employees to operate the daily business with the mission of promoting equal opportunities in our society. This initiative was driven around the mission to build up their employees’ independence, transferable skills, and financial stability. On top of this mission, our client also saw the increasing popularity of coffee-drinking in Hong Kong, thus sought to bring the successful Taiwanese business model into the city.


In this project, we were engaged in a staged process to understand the overall coffee market environment in Hong Kong, explore the competitive landscape, and formulate tactical marketing strategies to introduce the Taiwanese coffee business into Hong Kong.

Below provides a summary of our project approach:

  • Evaluated the potential and defining features of the business model in relation to the Hong Kong market
  • Conducted market research to understand market trends, competitor performance, and consumer behavior
  • Performed data analysis and identified key correlations between various data sets to generate industry insights
  • Determined suitable segments and market positioning strategies
  • Formulated marketing strategies to highlight the uniqueness of the business model in promoting social equality and social responsibilities.
  • Identified potential market gaps and suggested solutions to encapsulate the opportunities of the business.
  • Defined key success factors and risk management strategies.


As a result of the study, our client obtained a well-rounded understanding of the coffee business market in Hong Kong and the opportunities that our client may take advantage of. A go-to-market strategy has been established with our assistance. In addition, our report highlighted the key concerns and issues that our client may encounter and may need to consider in order to penetrate the market. Potential preventive actions and solutions have been recommended to assist our client in overcoming possible obstacles.