Case Study

Business Strategy for International R&D Institution


We aided our client in introducing a set of IoT technologies into the Hong Kong telecommunications market. By producing a comprehensive business strategy, we created a solution for our client tailored to driving future market penetration.


Our client is a Research and Development institution in Europe that targets at bringing telecommunication technologies to smart cities. With their Hong Kong branch being set up in 2011, the company has been providing wireless sensors and visible light communication systems to its customers.


Our client intended to expand their Hong Kong office, by introducing a set of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies into the market. They sought for assistance in executing the plans and projects that would help turn the new technology into practical business opportunities. The identified business opportunities are expected to be evaluated for different customer segments and channels of distribution.


In this project, we assisted our client with the formulation of a business plan and project execution. This included market research on competitor products, marketability and intellectual property advice. From the information collected, we then provided recommendations on how to execute the business plan.

Below provides a brief summary of our project approach:

  • Provided weekly business consulting services during the project period to periodically update our client on the project’s progress
  • Identified company vision and goals to assist in brand positioning and image management
  • Conducted market analysis to sythesize insights on market trends, competitor performance, and consumer behavior in the Hong Kong telecommunications industry
  • Examined various consumer and market segments to identify the optimal segment and market position
  • Provided in-depth go-to-market strategy to effectively drive future revenue and profits
  • Established an operational plan to assist in project execution and to increase the effectiveness of resource allocation
  • Developed an extensive financial plan to isolate and forecast relevant expenditures and required capital to sustain and expand the operation


We identified the business opportunities in the Hong Kong telecommunications market and developed actual technological applications for our client. Furthermore, we cultivated a sales plan to bring in potential partners for our client and roll out their business idea.