Case Study

Real Estate e-Commerce Market Research


We explored establishing a real estate e-commerce platform in the Hong Kong market by devising an in-depth market research analysis for our client. Witnessing real-estate shifting to the online sphere, we provided a way for our client to take full-advantage of this shift in the industry.


Our client is a Hong Kong construction conglomerate, with Property Development and Property Management & Security as their two major business lines. The company participated in numerous large-scale infrastructure and property construction projects in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Abu Dhabi.


Our client saw the need for the property market to go online, bringing efficiency into property transactions. The company therefore looked for market advice in identifying the opportunities found in capturing the real estate e-commerce market in Hong Kong.


In this project, we provided our client with comprehensive market research to understand the overall property transaction market in Hong Kong. Upon painting a clear picture of the market landscape, we further explored the feasibility of launching a real estate e-commerce platform in the region.

Below provides a summary of our project approach:

  • Defined research objectives and developed research plans to attain quantitative and qualitative data
  • Performed comprehensive market research to understand the Hong Kong offline real estate sector and identified areas with key market potential
  • Utilized market analysis to generate insights on market trends, competitor performance, and consumer behavior in the online real estate platform
  • Pinpointed the opportunities and threats involved in establishing an e-commerce real estate platform
  • Formulated strategic plans to provide suggestions on addressing the identified problems
  • Established company positioning strategies based on the current market environment
  • Developed an implementation plan for setting up an online property transaction platform
  • Create practical solutions for forecasted industry development and overcoming potential obstacles


As a result of the study, our client obtained solid understanding of online purchase platform for real estate market, and the opportunities that our client may take advantage of. A go-to-market strategy has been established with our assistance. In addition, our report highlighted the key concerns and issues that our client may encounter and may need to consider in order to penetrate the market. Potential preventive actions and solutions have been recommended to assist our client in overcoming possible obstacles.