Case Study

Joint Venture Proposal for Natural Stone Supplier


We assisted our client in seeking a joint venture opportunity with a Singaporean construction company. Our holistic business strategies outlined the details of the merger and how to take advantage of economies of scale in our client's expansion plan with their partners.


Our client is a group company in the construction industry, concentrating on the design, supply and installation of natural stone products for external and interior applications. This ranges from different types of stones, from marble and limestone, to sandstone and granite.


Our client planned on engaging in a partnership with a listed Singaporean company for further expansion. This merger will benefit both parties, as their resources, assets and intellectual property could be shared, creating a stronger and unified solution in the construction industry.


In this project, we assisted our client in developing an extensive business plan to look for a joint venture opportunity with a listed Singaporean construction company. We came up with exclusive marketing strategies and comprehensive strategic plans for effective resource allocation.

Below provides a brief summary of our project approach:

  • Identified the joint venture’s vision, goals and direction to assist in brand positioning and image management
  • Examined our client’s existing marketing strategies to identify a suitable strategy for the partnership
  • Located the key target segments of the partnership
  • Pinpointed the competitive advantage that the partnership would create through the exchange of resources, information, and economies of scale
  • Outlined an operational plan to highlight the key actions of the partnership over an extended period of time
  • Recognized key management personnel and key driver of success within the business
  • Formulated a detailed financial plan to track the growth of the company and came up with key financial performance indicators to monitor the business operation process and identify shifts in crucial metrics


As a result of the business insights they gained from their business plan, our client successfully leveraged their competitive advantage and distinguished themselves as a valuable partner to the other firm in their joint venture. Our client effectively navigated the joint venture through the utilization of their operational plan and are driving growth in their industry.