Case Study

Business Expansion for Wireless Data Rental Service Provider


We broadened our client's customer reach in the corporate market segment by familiarizing them with branding and marketing strategies. With our services, our client was empowered to establish a superior operational model catered directly to the complex needs of their business clients.


Our client is one of the largest wireless data rental service providers in Hong Kong. Based in Hong Kong, the company aims to provide low-cost, reliable, and high-speed international data rental services to their customers. With their worldwide offices and a vast retail network in Hong Kong, our client is able to provide high quality and efficient customer service to their subscribers.


With an established market presence and solid data network, our client sought to broaden their customer reach by expanding their product lines to attract new customer segments, specifically the business organizations segment. Our client also intended to cooperate with the Hong Kong International Airport, through applying for the tender invite to operate a commercial service counter at the airport.


In this project, we assisted our client in cultivating a business-to-business (B2B) operation model to further penetrate the wireless data service market. The project was executed in a two-module approach, with the first stage focusing on brand building and the second stage concentrating on increasing public awareness of the brand.

Below provides an overview of our project approach:

  • Established business vision and goals to achieve distinctive brand positioning and image
  • Conducted market research and analysis to assess the project’s feasibility
  • Utilized our client’s existing website to develop webpages dedicated to the B2B operation model
  • Developed tailor-made marketing strategies and various promotional activities to raise brand awareness among business corporations
  • Identified publicity opportunities and established media relations plans to maximize product exposure
  • Formulated strategic plans by converting research data into consumer insights
  • Drove sales revenue on the B2B model by mapping our client with various business organizations
  • Assisted our client in applying for the tender invitation to operate a commercial service counter at the Hong Kong International Airport through creating a comprehensive strategic plan


Our client successfully applied for the Hong Kong International Airport tender invitation and began executing the business plan which guides our client in operating their business in the airport. We developed a B2B marketing plan, coupled with digital solutions, to assist our client in executing the marketing strategies, as well as building and expanding their client base in the data rental service sector, increasing their sales revenue.