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Digital Consulting, Implementation, Digital Transformation

A&A. Consulting Beyond the Recommendation.

27/06/2019 by Emily Su (A&A Limited)

Find a digital consulting company that goes beyond the recommendation stage and works to help your organization implement real solutions.

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Project Management, Optimization, Scope of Work

Clients Demand, Consultants Deliver

26/06/2019 by Margarita Arias (A&A Limited)

Any manager understands how even the smallest of meetings will influence the overall result of a project; when a consulting team undergoes a new assignment their actions rely on a detailed scope of work in order to ensure a prompt delivery. The creation of a keen timeline of specific deadlines is the key to allocate tasks and predict the deliverables that will develop as the project advances.

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Digital Consulting, Website Improvements,

How to Improve Your Website's Performance

26/06/2019 by Matthew McGlynn (A&A Limited)

In today’s rapidly developing world, internet use has become widespread and an integral part of a business’s success. In order to gain more customers and remain competitive, almost all successful organizations have developed internet capabilities. However, simply owning a website does not guarantee business growth. In fact, much of the success of a website depends on its speed and performance

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Digital Transformation, Digital Consulting, Automation

How does digital consulting help to increase profit for an organization?

26/06/2019 by Emily Su

Digital transformation is changing the way in which businesses operate. Why is digital consultation good for a business?

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Branding, Artificial Intelligence, consumer insights, Big Data Analytics, Sales strategies

Why Implement Chatbot Anyway?

24/06/2019 by Margarita Arias (A&A Limited)

Nowadays, having the most effective technological products are what give a brand the edge to differentiate them from others. Chatbot – the simplified interaction between humans and machines – is the gateway for Artificial Intelligence to become part of the communication between a firm and its clients. Providing immediate answers, offering interminable availability, and saving operational time, are some of the reasons why 80% of companies want to be using them by 2020.

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eCommerce, Marketing, Operations, Search Engine Optimization, Website

E-Commerce is not About the Website Only

20/06/2019 by Margarita Arias (A&A Limited)

Did you know that as of January of the year 2019, Hong Kong citizens have spent an average of 3.47 hours using the internet on their computers and another 3 hours on their phones? These figures reflect only the great significance that online interactions have acquired in the last few decades and, while social media tops the list of reasons to use the internet, it is closely followed by the transactions fulfilled in the largest marketplace in the world; the marketplace of e-commerce.

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Mobile App, E-commerce, Branding & Positioning

Why Your Company Needs a Mobile App

20/06/2019 by Matthew McGlynn (A&A Limited)

In the digital age, one of the key features of a successful business is the ability to deliver their products and services over multiple channels. These channels provide access to a broader base of potential customers who must be connected with in order to grow your business. One of the most important channels, Mobile Apps, allow your business to constantly be in contact with your customers. According to Tech Crunch, smartphone users are spending over 5 hours on their phone per day while accessing an average of 9 apps. This presents a unique opportunity for your company to take advantage of consumer trends and behavior. A well designed and eye-catching app will be able to grow your customer base and increase daily interaction with your products. As a result, a mobile app can drive profits, efficiently market your brand, and increase customer loyalty. Below are the most important reasons why your company needs a mobile app.

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Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Digital Strategies

Applications of AI in the Retail Industry

19/06/2019 by Matthew McGlynn (A&A Limited)

In the past few years, the growth of AI in the retail industry has skyrocketed. As various e-commerce and mobile startups have disrupted the industry, it is crucial for a business to implement new technologies in order to increase sales while adding value to their brand. Artificial Intelligence offers businesses a unique opportunity to develop unequaled efficiency in production, sales, and consumer experience. As companies are encouraged to adopt such emerging technologies and digital strategies, investments in AI are expected to exceed $8 billion by 2024. Therefore, in order to avoid digital disruption, it is important to be a market leader in adopting AI applications.

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Project management, Client Relationship, Compliance

Create a Scope of Work and Avoid Confusion

19/06/2019 by Margarita Arias (A&A Limited)

The first thing every consultant agrees on is that each client has its own needs, goals, and expectations. In a fast-paced world, communication between the client and the consultant becomes crucial as they embark on a new project, and when it comes to the description and construction of the project, the Scope of Work takes an essential role.

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Digital Transformation, Marketing, Technology, Branding & Positioning

The Benefits of a Digital Boot-camp for Your Company

18/06/2019 by Rachael DeVeau & Matthew McGlynn (A&A Limited)

In today’s world, swift technological advances make it necessary to continually update businesses and employees about the widespread effects which technology has on their industry. Through establishing relevant skills in cutting edge technology, companies are able to become market leaders through establishing a competitive advantage. The utilization of the most up to date technology enables a business to efficiently accomplish tasks, resulting in streamlined production, increased sales and lower costs. Despite these obvious benefits, it is difficult to systematically educate and retrain an entire workforce. The use of digital boot camps is an efficient and cost-effective tool to promote company-wide technological improvements.

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Marketing, Digital Optimization, Technology, AI, Chatbot, Digital Transformation

AI Chatbots, Chatter Worth Hearing?

11/06/2019 by Rachael DeVeau (A&A Limited)

Artificial intelligence sounds futuristic, however, the future is here and AIs are very commonly used in today’s world. Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), Cortana (Microsoft), and Google Assistant (Google) are all artificial assistants used to answer inquiries, set reminders, and more. AIs have all different kinds of uses: at home helpers in the form of artificial assistants or chatbots as company time savers. This article will focus on chatbots and their use in the workplace.

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E-commerce, Digital Transformation, Branding & Positioning

Why E-commerce is essential for your business in 2019

11/06/2019 by Matthew McGlynn (A&A Limited)

In the past decade, the use of the internet and mobile devices for shopping has skyrocketed. As access to the internet has become widespread, people have flocked to online platforms in order to buy both essential and luxury items. In today’s convenience-focused society, consumers want to shop from their own homes, making e-commerce a flexible solution for both consumers and businesses alike.

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Mobile Application, Marketing, Technology

Mobile App, A Necessity for Business?

06/06/2019 by Rachael DeVeau (A&A Limited)

Smartphones and tablets are rapidly increasing in popularity as they have a considerable amount of the same opportunities a computer has but are conveniently mobile. The web is a great place for a company to be discovered, but not a great place to showcase all a company may offer. A website on a mobile device is likely to be muddled, which could deter potential customers. Therefore, a mobile application that is user-friendly, clear, and interactive offers benefits to the customer and entire business.

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Digital Transformation, Digital Strategy and Integration, Digital Advisory

Strategic Tips for your Digital Transformation

06/06/2019 by Matthew McGlynn (A&A Limited)

Digital transformation is a holistic process which requires technological integration and collaboration. Through identifying new areas for growth, as well as potential barriers, a digital transformation strategy builds bridges between the current state of the business and the desired long-term goals.

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Data, Analytics, Marketing

How Big is Big Data?

06/06/2019 by Rachael DeVeau (A&A Limited)

Big data is a vast expanse of many different databases collected across the globe and stored in one place online. If knowledge is power, then all of this information stored in one convenient place is an incredible resource for an enterprise. It would be a waste not to use it for one’s advantage. By utilizing statistical information an enterprise is able to advance and be on the cutting edge of innovation through discovering the most optimal marketing strategies. This is possible through accessing big data databases; companies are able to gain a in depth knowledge on their competitors, target market, and more.

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Website Development, Branding & Positioning, Digital Marketing

Why Your Website Needs a Revamp

06/06/2019 by Matthew McGlynn (A&A Limited)

In today’s competitive market, a responsive, great-looking and easy to use website is crucial for the success of your business. Many potential customers will research your company’s website, along with your competitor’s, before engaging in a transaction. As a result, it is important to have a website which is clearly able to communicate your brand and products while being user-friendly. Therefore, a revamped and innovative website will help your company maintain a competitive advantage.

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Engineering, HRM, KMS, NFC Attendency

How can digital transformation be adopted in the engineering industry?

06/03/2019 by A&A Limited

Digital transformation has been adopted in many industries and the engineering industry is no exception. Engineering projects often involve numerous people or parties, and that it is vital to allow effective communication to avoid any errors. In particular, utilising digital technologies enhance and smoothen the overall operational processes. Therefore, this article will discuss four case studies in order to examine how digital transformation can be adopted in the engineering industry.

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Communication, Chatbot, Real-time communication tool

Communication made easy? (Chatbot + Real-time communication tool)

28/02/2019 by Rina Tse (A&A Limited)

When it comes to customer services, consumers often seek immediate forms of contact. In recent years, many businesses place a strong emphasis on real-time customer engagement, and they take interactions a step further by implementing chatbots, which allow customer service automation within the web and mobile devices. However, although chatbot plays a significant role in this modern age of digital transformation, it cannot completely replace human beings. Therefore, this article will talk about how communication is made easy when chatbots and real time communication tools associate with each other, pushing customer services to another level.

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Chatbot, business optimisation

The role of Chatbot across the whole business optimization cycle

26/02/2019 by Rina Tse (A&A Limited)

Years ago, Web 1.0 was only about connecting information and getting on the net. As technology develops, there was Web 3.0, which was about connecting meanings and knowledge, and making our experience of the internet more relevant, useful, and pleasurable. However, the age of chatbots has arrived in recent years and will continue to grow in the near future. Chatbot is an automated system that communicates with users through text messages, and “a virtual companion that integrates into websites, applications or instant messengers”, which “helps entrepreneurs to get closer to customers” [1]. It is expected that “over 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human” by 2020 [1]. Yet, the prospects offered by chatbots go far beyond giving replies to customers’ questions. They are also implemented for other business tasks, including collecting data about users, streamlining HR processes, and performing better marketing strategies. For example, the Chinese WeChat bots are able to “set medical appointments, call a taxi, send money to friends”, and many more [1]. In order to examine the importance of chatbots, this article will first explore the relationships between businesses and chatbots, and users and chatbots. It will then discuss how chatbots benefit businesses by collecting big data.

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Digital business consultants

What do digital business consultants do?

25/02/2019 by Rina Tse (A&A Limited)

Generally, digital business consultants work with their clients’ data to provide insight on strategy, planning, and problem solving for their businesses. Consultancy firms provide services across all segments of businesses, from HR and marketing, to IT and finance. The wide-ranging aspects of consulting work make it an appealing career, “offering a variety of projects, challenges and opportunities for personal development” [1]. In order to better understand what digital business consultants do, this article will explain three major areas of their daily tasks, which include performing a current-state assessment of a company, planning and developing a digital strategy roadmap, and evaluating UX/UI to ensure customer satisfaction.

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AI, ecommerce, chatbot, image search, smart recommendations

AI applications in Ecommerce

22/02/2019 by Rina Tse (A&A Limited)

Did you know that there would be 5.35 million Hong Kong users expected to be shopping online by 2021? Two years from now, these ecommerce users will be spending “an average of 1021.81 USD online” [1]. These statistics highlight that digital transactions has become the standard method of purchasing goods and services and that this trend will continue to grow in 2019 and beyond. The rapid growth of digital technologies has opened doors to many new opportunities for ecommerce to increase sales and reputation. One of the most significant phenomena is that AI is embedded into many aspects of our everyday lives. From email filters, smart replies to Google predictive searches, AI is just everywhere. In order to explore how AI can enhance brand competitiveness and customer loyalty, this article will examine three AI applications in ecommerce, including chatbot, image search, and smart recommendations.

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Digital transformation, business optimisation, ERP, HRM, CRM

How can digital transformation optimise business workflow and resources?

14/02/2019 by Rina Tse (A&A Limited)

Don't you want to speed up decision-making, ensure quality of work, and improve teamwork of your company? Thanks to the rapid development of digital technology, all these things are attainable. Yet, before businesses can reach that point, they need to embrace change, let go of old-fashioned procedures and engage in a digital transformation. The transition includes utilizing digital technologies to improve business models, processes, and activities. Therefore, this article will discuss three ways how digital transformation optimizes business workflow and resources, including the implementations of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resource Management (HRM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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2019 trends of digital transformation, AI, Chatbots, IoT

2019 trends of digital transformation

12/02/2019 by Rina Tse (A&A Limited)

Back in the older days, making your product or service gradually better and cheaper was an infallible method for business success. Yet, those days are over. According to a recent Forrester survey, executives forecast that “47% of revenue will be influenced by digital” by 2020 [1]. This emphasizes that digital transformation will lead to increased revenues, but it is also important for businesses to keep up with the competition. Therefore, this article will discuss three major trends that back the continued growth of digital transformation for 2019, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbots, and Internet of things (IoT).

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Digital Transformation for SMEs

Digital Transformation X Business Consulting for SMEs

12/02/2019 by Rina Tse (A&A Limited)

Digital transformation has been a popular topic through the past decade, but many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) do not know what it really is and how it can benefit their businesses. Put it simply, digital transformation “is about using digital technologies to make the current logistical and administrative business processes that underpin day-to-day operations more efficient – thereby enabling the business to be more competitive”[1]. However, it is not an easy thing to do. Digital transformation “is an ongoing process that must ensure the business remains competitive into the future, constantly finding new efficiencies and reducing costs further” [1]. Therefore, this article will explain three main elements of digital transformation, including digital commercialisation, business optimisation, and digital strategy roadmap, in order to keep SMEs competitive in such a fast-paced market.

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Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

What Makes Some Blockchain Applications More Successful than Others?

14/06/2018 by A&A Limited

Currently there are thousands of startups related to blockchain. More and more people are getting behind blockchain and seeing it as a potential source of revenue and productivity. In this article we will discuss what blockchain is and what you can do to find success within this innovative foundational technology that has the power to disrupt various industries.

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