Case Study

Hong Kong Painting Regulations Research


We assisted our client in understanding Hong Kong painting regulations and established product claim verification tests through partnerships with local universities.


Our client is one of the leading producers of chromium reduction systems for construction chemistry in Germany, manufacturing chemical products for a variety of industrial applications. Their growth is sustained by a diversified product range and the constant development of new technologies, which include environmentally-neutral energy-saving paint and other health-promoting products.


Our client planned on expanding their business into Asia, by introducing a new type of paint to Hong Kong. This innovation conserves up to 40% of energy while at the same time increasing the level of living comfort with better air quality. In order to navigate the complexities of regulations associated with introducing such chemical product into the market, there is a need to research the standards for specific types of paint that are acceptable for usage in Hong Kong.

How We Did It

In this project, we provided our client with market research and analysis to ensure the chemical components and product claims of the new type of paint comply with paint regulations in Hong Kong.

Below provides an overview of our project approach:

  • Analyzed our client’s product components and claims to identify areas that need to be investigated further to ensure regulation compliance
  • Researched the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong to understand chemical regulations on volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Examined labelling requirements to ensure accurate labelling of bilingual content, educational messages, and Environmental Protection Department registration number
  • Explored the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards to establish a reference for their international business expansion
  • Partnered with local universities to test the paints on air circulation and temperature control claims
  • Verified the advertised effects of low energy emission and healthier work environment through scientific experiments

Key Results

The market research report that we formulated painted a clear picture for our client as to how best to introduce the energy-saving paint into the Hong Kong market. Our client has successfully partnered with local universities to test and refine their product, and has brought the business into the mainland Chinese market.