Case Study

Online Real-Time Chatroom Communication Services for Anti-suicide Service


This is a practical cross-platform chatroom communication service tailor-made for public organization. The application allows sending of text messages, visual images and self-made emoji. Chatrooms and conversation history can be easily controlled by admin staff in real-time. As the first subscriber of this service, The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong (SBHK) utilize this chatroom communication service to engage people with suicidal risk and allow them to vent their emotions on the internet. In this case, the chatroom successfully provides a channel for people to express their emotions. All conversations are kept confidential in the chatroom.


We provided our client with chatroom solutions for counselling services, so multiple staffs or volunteers can chat with end-users. Through this chatroom solution, end-users emotion can be tracked and scored for further analysis.



To work as 24×7 communication channel for end-users and provide additional functions:

  • Track and score daily emotion of end-user using AI
  • Encourage end-user to achieve some key milestones
  • Allow staffs to review the chat history to further understand end-users need
  • Provide real-time support to end-users


















The chatroom service provides emotional support and personal growth tool that can be used on Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and computer browsers, to provide suicide prevention services for Hong Kong residents.

For SBHK, the chatroom service can be a place where user can vent emotions. It is a place where user can safely pour out emotional troubles, suicidal thoughts, and a little bit of life. After user have calmed down emotions, user will then face the challenges.

Chat room
Provided by trained SBHK volunteers, supported by professional social workers, one-time text emotional support and suicide prevention chat services, content and information confidential, sharing pictures and videos of cherishing life.

Goal Achiever
Goal achiever is a tool to help you to achieve user’s life goals. Just follow the instructions to enter the information about your goals. After each completion, user can click on the buttons to know the progress of achieving user’s goals. When user achieve the goals, user will be able to reach them. User will get a medal of achievement to share user’s joy with friends on social media.

Emotion checker
Emotion checker is a tool that helps user to keep track of user’s mood and distress every day. Just type in user’s mood index and encountered problems every day to mark emotion record. If user is feeling down, user will be able to find out user’s emotion status. System will post “emotional improvement tips” to help user to improve user’s mood. All the data will be treated anonymously, and no personal information will be disclosed.

With the market transformation, people tend to send a text message more than making a phone call. This application provides a channel for users who are shy to talk but prefer to communicate through texting.

Users can reach social workers through website and app and hence on any devices easily. According to the news article, the youngest user is 7 years old, which means the Chatroom reach a wider audience group and the demand on online help service is increasing. Therefore, teenagers can use the chatroom service to solve their mental problem and allows staff, volunteer and user to use it anywhere and anytime. Staff and volunteer can handle a large group of users at the same time.



Staff can now interact with end-user in real-time. Also, it would be easier to manage the access right as communication involve volunteer and staffs.