Case Study

Chatbot - Automated Customer Service System


Provided our client with a custom-made Chatbot, power by IBM Watsons, to quickly answer customer enquiries 24/7 and retrieve customer behavior and interests to provide customers with improved products and services.


To have a better understanding of their customers’ behavior and preferences and to reduce customer support workload

  • Customers ask similar or the same questions to the customer support line (e.g. closest ATM, what are the opening hours, etc.)
  • Want to see what customers’ prefer to offer personalized products



Our client looked for a solution that could help their staff provide a consistent customer service experience to their huge customer base.


  • Because customers ask very similar questions multiple times, we suggested implement a Chatbot to facilitate these questions
  • Utilize IBM Watson’s Natural Language Processing capabilities to train the Chatbot to better recognize and answer enquiries
  • Managed the development progress through coordinating with the Design and Programming Teams
  • Collaborated closely with the client to design and develop the chatbot application while understanding the needs of customer service purposes
  • Developed and conducted change management strategies



  • Developed a comprehensive chatbot application that syncs with Facebook Messenger and various API sources
  • Established a user-flow that focuses on user-friendliness


- Reduced customers service and support expenses
- Identified valuable insights on several customer demographics and their respective lifestyle preferences
- Gained actionable insights to inform our client on where to improve their current services