Case Study

Elderly Home – Instant Messenger Mobile Application


Created an elderly-friendly social communication application to help our client’s staff communication more efficiently with their elderly to keep the both staff and elderly updated on all current news, events, reminders, etc.

Business Objectives

To create a very user-friendly social channel for staff and the elderly to easily communicate with each other

  • Centralize information between staff and elderly for more efficient communication among them (e.g. events, reminders, etc.)


  • App needs to be sophisticated enough for multiple communication function, but still usable by the elderly
  • Prototyped and carried out User Acceptance Tests with the elderly to ensure they experience no difficulties using the app


- Increased communication mobility of our client’s staff and the elderly, which improved customer satisfaction with XX%
- Staff can now easily communicate with the elderly to make their processes xx% more efficient
- Communication App made use-friendly where last updates can be conveyed with ease