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How to Improve Your Website's Performance

26/06/2019 by Matthew McGlynn (A&A Limited)


In today’s rapidly developing world, internet use has become widespread and an integral part of a business’s success. In order to gain more customers and remain competitive, almost all successful organizations have developed internet capabilities. However, simply owning a website does not guarantee business growth. In fact, much of the success of a website depends on its speed and performance. According to a recent study, 40% of consumers will abandon a website which takes longer than 3 seconds to load as nearly 50% of consumers expect loading time under 2 seconds. Furthermore, a loading time longer than 1 second will result in 11% fewer page views and a 16% loss in customer satisfaction. It is paramount to the success of modern businesses to have a website which operates efficiently and performs to consumer standards. As a result, improving a website’s performance can yield substantial results such as higher profits and increased customer loyalty.


Here several ways you can improve the performance of your website


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Minimize HTTP Requests


For each aspect of your website which needs downloading (images, scripts, etc:), an HTTP request is made. Therefore, a poorly performing website may be the result of too many of these elements which ultimately slows the loading time of the page. In order to reduce the number of requests, elements may be deleted or can be combined with other similar elements. HTML, CS and javascript files are ideal elements which can be shrunk and combined together in order to increase the speed of your website. Through eliminating unnecessary formatting, whitespaces, and code, HTTP requests are minimized. Furthermore, if your website runs multiple Javascript and CS files, these files can be combined to make your website even more efficient.


Reduce Server Response Time


Another important aspect of the quickness of your website is the speed it takes to find your Domain Name System (DNS). A DNS essentially translates domain names to IP addresses in order to allow web browsers to load your website materials. The amount of time it takes to locate an IP address associated with an URL depends on your DNS provider. It is easy to locate a DNS comparison report on the internet in order to compare your current provider’s performance with others. Through using a slow DNS, the time it takes to locate your browser is increased. Therefore, switching providers may quicken the load time.


Choose a Hosting Option Which Meets Your Needs


Many website owners may choose the cheapest hosting options in the earliest stages of their website. Although this allows your business to grow with little cost, as your website receives more traffic it may hinder growth. Through upgrading from cheaper services such as shared hosting to the more efficient VPS or Dedicated server options, your website server response times will greatly improve.


Compress Files


Smaller files will enable your page to load at a faster rate than larger files would. Through compressing files such as CSS and HTML with software such as GZIP while also simply resizing your images, your website performance will immediately improve. In order to understand how much your website would benefit from compression, various online platforms perform free compression audits. These services compare your current, uncompressed performance with the potential improvements if various elements were compressed. This tool is an easy way to identify whether you should consider improving your website performance or not.




In an ultracompetitive, digitalized world, it is important for your business to have the best possible performing website. A quick and streamlined platform will drive sales while providing an enjoyable experience to your customers. Interested in improving your website? A&A limited has a team of website professionals who are skilled in maximizing performance. Contact us at info@aa-limited to learn more!