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How does digital consulting help to increase profit for an organization?

26/06/2019 by Emily Su

In 2015, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, announced that we were in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This revolution, he claimed, entailed an age characterized by unparalleled advances in communications and breakthroughs in technological fields such as robotics and artificial intelligence.1 

Fast forward four years to today, we are still witnessing the striking effects of this digital transformation as the world becomes increasingly connected and digitalized. While such a transformation brings unparalleled advancements and possibilities to the business world, companies that fail to take full advantage of these new technologies inevitably fall behind.


The challenges accompanied by the digital transformation are exactly what digital consulting aims to help organizations conquer. 

Digital consultation helps to accelerate a business’ growth my putting into use the latest emerging technologies and incorporating them into an organization’s everyday operations. From overall business consultation to digital and UX/UI application, digital consultation takes the task of digitalization off the hands of the organization.

Take the lifestyle chatbot that A&A created through IBM Watson for one of their clients. By utilizing the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in question answering, the chatbot helps to address customer inquiries that would otherwise need to be directed to a customer support line. This, in turn, decreases the support expenses incurred by the company as well as the overall customer support workload.

Or look at the elevator maintenance e-form app which A&A created for an elevator company. By transferring the company’s previously paper-based maintenance operations to a digital one, the new cloud-based mobile app reduces the inconvenience associated with a physical block of paper. Forms are less frequently lost, if at all, and navigation is highly simplified. These results once again decrease workplace inefficiencies and thereby an organization’s variable costs.

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But it doesn’t stop there. The automation provided by these chatbots and similar artificial intelligence also enhances user experience in the process. Customers are now able to move smoothly between various support channels and choose the style of service most fit for them. And in the case of the chatbot, many are saved the frustration of having to wait endlessly for the next available customer service agent. 

So how does all of this translate into profit? 

Well, automation essentially allows organizations to provide its integral services at lower costs and higher quality.2 As seen in the examples discussed, digitalization reduces the operation costs associated with traditional organization methods and creates a digital workspace in which workers can more efficiently collaborate. These factors drive up company profit and keep an organization in pace with today’s digital developments. If an organization takes the right steps to digitalization, it is looking at all of these benefits and more. What these essential steps are exactly, can be determined with the help of digital consulting. 

For any business that wants to survive, much less thrive, in today’s exponentially fast paced technological environment, taking in the latest technologies is vital. This is where companies such as A&A Limited step in. They provide extensive consulting services such as in-depth market research and system development to effectively and efficiently bring any business into the digital world.