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Why Implement Chatbot Anyway?

24/06/2019 by Margarita Arias (A&A Limited)


The firms that are able to dominate technology are the ones who essentially dominate their industry.

Nowadays, having the most effective technological products are what give a brand the edge to differentiate them from others. Chatbot – the simplified interaction between humans and machines – is the gateway for Artificial Intelligence to become part of the communication between a firm and its clients. Providing immediate answers, offering interminable availability, and saving operational time, are some of the reasons why 80% of companies want to be using them by 2020.

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Why Chatbot?

If a firm is looking to increase their revenues and optimize their efficiency while drawing back on their costs, then implementing chatbot is the imperative next step. In recent years the use of this tool has guided businesses to immerse themselves into the market of millennials and facilitate commerce such society.

Chatbot is the best assistant to customer service agents. While chatbot cannot substitute the human support of a person, it can help in other areas and even enhance their tasks. With the use of chatbots, a business is able to provide an immediate response at any time of the day for any person who inquires one. It only takes a few seconds for a virtual assistant to receive input, analyze data, organize a the best appropriate responses, and retrieve output. This level of efficiency will save the valuable time of the customer as well as the time of the support agent. As for the business owner, the falling necessity for support agents can be a significant cut in their costs.

Chatbot guarantees consistency and personalization at the same time. With a virtual assistance there is no risk of a “bad mood” agent. At the same time the responses of general issues will be identical from one customer to the other since the answer is retrieved from the same database without human error in between. Chatbot also makes customer experience personalized because through the consumer’s past behavior, this tool creates a profile that updates the preferences of the users in order to provide them just what they want, and even suggest what they could want. With consumer profiles, businesses are able to conduct marketing through chatbot and provide customers with information they wouldn’t find otherwise.

Chatbot helps with loyalty and feedback. With an enhanced consumer experience, clients are more likely to come back to a firm and continue to purchase their products and services. Additionally, chatbot can engage in conversation with the consumer, without requiring them to exit the website, and ask for their quick feedback in the form of a casual conversation. Clients are more likely to respond to this surveys rather than opening questionnaires that are sent to them by mail and could even end up in “unwanted” messages. The feedback provided by consumers is a valuable asset for business as they base their future improvement on such insight from their own clients.

A&A Success Stories

Chatbot for the wine lovers

With the help of A&A limited experts, one of their clients was able to implement a custom-made wine selector in the firm’s website. After analyzing the client’s needs and their market, A&A limited collaborated on the creation and implementation of a comprehensive chatbot that syncs with Facebook Messenger and various API sources. This resulted in a quick and effective 24/7 customer service, an enhanced customer experience, and the use of data analysis to improve the marketing of their wine. Additionally, the client was able to significantly reduce their long-run customer service costs.

Chatbot ensures your clients are insured

The team of A&A Limited provided their service to an insurance company and helped them reach a larger market. Chatbot solutions were embedded in the insurance advertisements, making them interactive so the customer can ask questions directly in the ad. This provided the client with fast response and allowed them to stay in the same website. With this innovative strategy, the insurance company guarantees a better experience for their ad readers.


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