Case Study

Queuing system for financial institute internal staff


Developed a queuing system for our client, focusing on making a user-friendly UI, and created a backend dashboard to obtain an easy overview of all the data collected from the queuing system.

Business Objectives

To better facilitate the queuing process for internal staff to turn in polices and ask enquiries on company products

  • Current queuing process requires staff to wait in a room until their number/name is called to get served

Solution/ Technologies

  • Because it is for internal use, a simple-to-use system will be sufficient to facilitate queuing of staff
  • Develop a web-based queuing system, since users have access to company WiFi and send users an SMS for notification


- Three visually-pleasing frontend webpages with a consolidated backend database to keep track of queuing
- Queuing efficiency increased by xx% after implementation
- Staff satisfaction was increased by xx% because they can finish additional work awhile waiting at their desk, instead of a tiny room