Case Study

Training App for Engineering Company


We provided our client with digital solutions to its existing employee training system by developing a mobile app for our client to manage the training of its maintenance workers. The overall procedure was digitalized and the efficiency and accuracy of its company procedures were enhanced.


Our client is a global leader in the Engineering Industry. Upholding the mission of improving the flow of urban life, our client is dedicated to providing high-quality elevators, escalators, automatic building doors, and solutions for maintenance and modernization to its customers, adding value to the lifecycle of any building.


Our client’s company policy states that each maintenance worker has to attend training courses periodically, in order to accumulate enough score to remain being a maintenance worker. Currently, all these courses are being offered offline, which means both trainers and workers have to attend classes in physical classrooms at the company office. Seeing that this creates a lot of inefficiency, our client is now seeking to bring these courses online, to allow trainers and workers to interact through an online training app.


We established a comprehensive user flow of the training app, focusing on its user-friendliness. We then designed pragmatic pages layout and utilized advanced programming tools to develop the application.

Our project approach is outlined as follows:

  • Identified core areas that caused the inefficiency in our client’s existing employee training system
  • Researched on and presented our client with possible digital solutions
  • Cultivated user and system requirements upon establishing app development direction
  • Listed out all resources required in the app development
  • Managed the app development project through monitoring the Design and Programming Teams
  • Conducted User Acceptance Test (UAT) upon producing a test version of the app
  • Refined the app system based on client’s comments
  • Developed additional system content to enhance the performance of the Training App

Below shows the key features of the training app:

  • Different access levels among trainers, supervisors, and maintenance workers, which allow each party to easily view their task lists on the app and backend system
  • Sends automatic notifications to supervisors regarding the approval of their workers’ course applications
  • Workers are given access to course details and course materials upon receiving their supervisors’ approval
  • Both trainers and workers are free from having to commute to the office to teach or attend the courses
  • Trainers are able to upload course materials to the app
  • Trainers can upload examination questions, as well as set standard answers on the app’s backend system to allow for automatic checking of the workers’ answers, ensuring accuracy of examination results
  • The course attendance could be recorded on the backend system and easily viewed by the trainers
  • Workers would be able to view their course histories and accumulated scores


With the training app that we developed, our client is now able to eliminate the inefficiency that comes from using offline training system, and maintenance workers are now able to easily view their course performances.