Case Study

Optimized CRM System Implementation Plan for International Fast-Food Restaurant Chain


We developed a comprehensive CRM system plan to best integrate current technologies with the client’s existing IT system that enables an enjoyable customer experience through digital engagement.

Business Issue

Our client sought to implement a CRM system that integrated with their existing IT systems to improve operations efficiency and customer experience

Our scope:

Developed an optimal plan and approach for the development of a compatible CRM system

Our project approach:

  • Extensively researched current technologies that could potentially be integrated with the client’s existing systems
  • Created digital integration strategies with customer experience/journey in mind to achieve single customer view
  • Recommended several optimal cloud and in-house server infrastructures based on several criteria data security, data volume, analytical capabilities, etc.


-We assisted our client in devising a well-rounded CRM system integration strategy for their existing systems
-Our approach allows high customer engagement through big data, advanced analytics, and single customer view implementation plan