Case Study

E-commerce Shop Integration


Refined our client’s existing system into a consolidated CRM system that is compatible with the client’s POS system, and now our client has a cross membership loyalty program that recognizes customers that shop at our client’s sister stores.

Business Objectives

To align our client’s three separate shops (online/offline) to identify the same customers throughout the different stores

  • The information recorded by each shop is stored in various incompatible formats


  • Unique users will need to be identified by matching certain shared values of the given variables (names, address, phone number, etc.)
  • Migrate all shop data and implement a CRM system with a consolidated Data Lake to store and share all customer information


Data Migration Process



-Improved user experience for staff and customers, customer retention increased and customer service cost reduced by after implementation
of the consolidated CRM System
-Increased team productivity by allowing teams to efficiently work together with the consolidated data lake