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Clients Demand, Consultants Deliver

26/06/2019 by Margarita Arias (A&A Limited)


Any manager understands how even the smallest of meetings will influence the overall result of a project; when a consulting team undergoes a new assignment their actions rely on a detailed scope of work in order to ensure a prompt delivery. The creation of a keen timeline of specific deadlines is the key to allocate tasks and predict the deliverables that will develop as the project advances.

What are deliverables?

Deliverables are the “things” that a company is able to provide as part of the development process of a project. These can be in the short, medium, and long run.

  • Short Term Deliverables focus on the first few months of the project. They can be delivered using the current capabilities and resources that the team possess at the beginning of the journey. These should be concrete and able to be implemented rapidly.
  • Medium Term Deliverables focus on the first year and a half of the project. These can be attained using mostly current capabilities and resources from the team. These deliverables are generally included in the implementation phase of a project.
  • Long Term Deliverables focus on a larger scale. These are not attained with the current resources of the firm and generally require new capabilities as well.

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There are many deliverables and they could be classified in several ways: by phase, by type, whether they are internal or external, and many others. However, for consultants, a number of deliverables, just to mention a few, could be classified as follows:

  • For external stakeholders:
    • Project Deliverables
      • IT system
      • Subsystems
      • Contracts
      • Apps
      • Assessment Results
  • For internal team:
    • Planning Deliverables
      • Financial Plan
      • Business Plan
      • Market Research
    • Activity Deliverables
      • Training
      • Software Development
      • Testing


Why do consultants need them?

Deliverables are the physical or virtual things that serve to evaluate performance, efficiency, and punctuality of a project. They can be easily measurable and thus they express the progress has been done as of the moment the manager decides to look back or ahead.

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With the use of deliverables the organization, measurability, and allocation of resources are enhanced in order to optimize the project’s design, development, and later delivery to the client.


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