Case Study

NFC Info App for Global Elevator Provider


We streamlined the operation efficiency of our client through cultivating a digital system that tracks the inspection of its elevators. We focused on using NFC technology to develop an Info App that records the time that our client’s maintenance workers spend on assessing individual elevators.


Our client is a global leader in the Elevator and Escalator Industry. Upholding the mission of improving the flow of urban life, our client is dedicated to providing high-quality elevators, escalators, automatic building doors, and solutions for maintenance and modernization to its customers, adding value to the lifecycle of any building.


Traditionally, our client has been using a manual system to keep track of the elevator inspection effort of its maintenance workers. Such manual system is not centralized, and there is no guarantee of the accuracy of the logbook of each elevator site. In order to solve this issue, our client engaged with us to create an Info App coupled with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that digitalizes the operation and centralizes the elevator site inspection reports.


From understanding and developing the user flow of the Info App, to its layout design and programming stage, we worked on creating the most convenient app for our client to streamline its tracking procedures and release important information efficiently. Below highlights the details of our project approach:

  • Conducted client interview to identify steps in the operation flow that could be digitalized
  • Researched on all aspects of user requirements to design functions and user flow that are applicable to the Info App
  • Advised our client on creating a user-friendly app
  • Planned strategically the user flow of the app
  • Managed the app development process
  • Carried out User Acceptance Test (UAT) together with the client
  • Refined problems found during the UAT phase
  • Launched the Info App for our client and monitored the app performance

Below are the key features of the Info App:

  • NFC check-in system: NFC chips have been installed at the elevator sites to indicate specific elevator locations and codes. The app allows for NFC detection when the maintenance workers use the app to swipe on the NFC chips, which record their check-in and check-out time of each inspection
  • Educational video clips: the company would periodically upload video clips that teach its employees safety at a workplace, as well as instructions on the procedures that its maintenance workers need to follow
  • News update: this is to update the employees on the latest company news, as well as any reminders that the company has for the workers
  • Notification: this function reminds the maintenance workers to view important educational video clips and up-to-date company news


With the convenient Info APP that we developed, our client successfully digitalized its operations and centralized the inspection reports, which enhanced their work efficiency and minimized the time and financial cost spent on data entries and paper work.