Case Study

Omni-Channel Communication Center (OCC) for Customer Service


Developed an Omni-channel Communication Center (OCC) implementation plan to provide a consolidated interface for our client’s customer support and to integrate siloed databases to save cost and deliver value-added services.

Business Objectives

To solve their large volume of customer enquiries within a shorter timeframe for their customer service (CS) call center:

  • Efficient communication with customers through all channels (phone, social media, email, etc.)
  • Correctly identify the customer’s enquiry to solve their problems without jumping to many different CS staff


  • Provide a system that integrates all communication channels that has a consolidated view within a single interface
  • Develop a call routing engine to gather user enquiry data to better route future users to the correct department in the first call



Customer satisfaction was increased due to the efficient customer call routing engine and staff efficiency improved with the consolidated CS interface since staff no longer had to switch communication channels.